Friday, 31 August 2007

I be a zombie I be

Well, maybe a zombie pirate. i am addicted to pirates on facebook at the moment. I just can't stop.

And I was a zombie the other day when I took part in the world record attempt at walking like a zombie. Sadly we didn't succeed as the record is currently at 884 and happened in Pittsburg. I think we got to about 400.

I am a stressed out bunny constantly at the mo. I still haven't exchanged contracts and my poor old nan is in hospital. Its not fun. But, it le weekend so am planning to chill out big time.

Sunday, 26 August 2007

The glorious 80s

We descended on Hastings last night to go to the 80s concert at Battle Abbey. I love the 80s. Our wigs and makeup bought back memories of ra ra skirts, grolsch tops in our shoes and luminous socks. In fact the wigs had me in near pant wetting hysteria and the night continued on that theme really.

We saw Toyah (always good), Carol Decker (bitchy as ever), Bananarama (Or banana, minus Siobhan), Nick Heyward (he should never try to be funny - he just isn't), Belinda Carlisle (beautiful but could have made more of an effect clothes wise. She looked like she was in her gardening outfit), and Midge Ure (he was loving it).

After the concert we went to a pub doing the best selection of the worst karoke ever, followed by a trip to the local Hastings nightclub KRASH! It really was like being in a car krash but we had a fab time. It has cheesy tunes and the dancefloor was practically our own. We managed to last till about 3.30 and then survived the kebab shop without getting in a fight.

We all looked like we had seen better days this morning. But hardcore as we are we went for a trip along the sea front, saw the castle and went on the funicular railway. A lovely weekend was had by all.

Monday, 20 August 2007

Any pork in a storm

Whilst at the V festival this weekend we were left wondering why all picnic snack foods are pork based? After a frenzy of pork pies, scotch eggs, pepperami, sausage rolls and mini sausages we were suffering from pork overload.

Obviously we did not find the answer to this meaningful question over about 500 pints at the weekend but we did do lots of other things including walking 500 miles with the proclaimers and slagging off the Americans with Lily Allen.

The weather was terrible but we survived a serious drenching with the help of our wellies, emergency ponchos and offerings of pork based snacks to the sun gods.

These are the bands I saw:

The Proclaimers
Juliette and the Licks
The Thrills
The Fray
Baby Shambles
Paolo Nutini
Kanye West
Snow Patrol
Foo Fighters
Seth Lakeman
Lily Allen
Manic Street Preachers
Goo Goo Dolls
James Morrison
KT Tunstall
The Fratellis
The Killers

My faves were Juliette and the Licks, Lily Allen, Baby Shambles, Snow patrol, Seth Lakeman and the Manics.

Have come back to find out my buyer is going to pull out at the end of the week if we haven't exchanged. I am so bored with house buying!

Thursday, 16 August 2007

Centreparcs are go

Well, so much is going on at the moment.

As well as having big stress in the work and house buying worlds I have been away every weekend in Aug and its exhausting.

Went up North last weekend to meet up with my sis and my niece and nephew and went off to Centre Parcs. It was fab. But, archery, kayaking, swimming, nature walks and crazy golf all in one day for 4 days is a bit much. I did enjoy it massively though and the trip to the spa was well worth while on the Friday. We are already planning next years!

Yesterday was also hectic. I went to see Pink in the evening doing her V warm-up and it was fab. A small crush has turned into being a little bit in love with her. Enough to see her again Saturday anyway when I am at V...

Monday, 6 August 2007

Happy Pride

Have just back back from another top Pride in Brighton. There was no rain on our parade and my look is now more white stripes than musicals.

The park was absolutely packed and I did have a bit of a sense of humour failure in the toilet queue for 30 mins in the baking heat with a very amourous couple in front of me. It was soon cured though by lots of beers and a bit of cabaret.

We pub crawled it back from the park and spent a few drunken hours at the street parties. As always we were done by about 11 as its such a long day so we staggered home via a takeaway.

Sunday was Jamie's day and we spent most of it in the R bar watching the cabaret after a nerve wracking 90 mins where the sound system didn't work. Poor Jamie was beginning to look really stressed but it got fixed and the show went on.

It was sad coming home today but it gives my liver a rest. Only 2 days of work and then a very different weekend at Centre parcs with my sis's family.

Pride photos: