Monday, 31 March 2008

Johnny Woo's face wasn't blue

I went to duckie on Saturday and suffered two disappointments. Firstly, the lovely Amy Lame wasn't there. And secondly, the act Johnny Woo had not painted his face blue like he has in the publicity photos. It rhymed so well and everything.

I enjoyed Johnny Woo's (with black face) performance poetry, although my friends didn't look quite a convinced. As always the DJ was great and it was packed - note to self - arrive earlier next time.

In between gallivanting I have been trying to sort out the jungle that is my garden. It is now marginally improved but my back may never be the same again.

A busy week this week, Gogol bordello, Chas n Dave and Claridges all too follow. From the sublime to the ridiculous - moi!

Monday, 17 March 2008

Brighton boys

Jamie had 2 gigs in the Croydon area this weekend so a carload came to my new gaff and we set about painting the town red.

What there was of it anyway...We braved the hideous weather and arrived at the Bird in Hand a bit soggy, and in need of a drink. Its not a bad pub, but it somewhere I don't frequent much, especially as I now live a way away now. I enjoyed it though, the audience were a little reserved but did seem to enjoy Jamie's act.

We then went on to Ego at the Southern Pride. The last time I went to Southern Pride, my friend fell off a table and we spent all night in casualty. Well the good news is that the table has gone, as had most of the people! There were only about 20 people in, and there were 6 of us. We made the best of it and I think a good night was had by all. It is a shame though to see a big space like that going to waste. Go to the Southern Pride everyone :-)

Thursday, 13 March 2008

Sword mark of the red death

I went to see the very popular Masque of the Red Death this week and after my initial uncertainties of wandering through dark corridors wearing a mask and not speaking I got quite into it.

They suggested losing your friends and although I was very reticent to do that in the beginning I soon wandered off. And got dragged off by various actors. Once to be force fed wine, have my face stroked and have a monologue delivered to me and another time to be threatened at sword point.

The "play" if you can call it that is really quite brilliant. As you come across different rooms you see different bits of the play. You are unlikely to see it all, and reading the programme afterwards I definitely missed bits. It is all about personal experience though and mine was fab. And the dancing and choreography, especially at the end was super.

I felt exhausted and elated afterwards. Do go if you get the chance.

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Alternative panto

I would like to congratulate my mate Jamie on his recent foray into the theatre world as Poppers in the annual Alternative Panto in Brighton. Sleeping Beauty and that little prick was wonderful. Although the site of Maisie (a slightly older lady) in swimwear and snogging Jason Prince was somewhat disturbing.

The Chicago scene was inspired and generally I laughed until I cried. We had a good night out following that and it was nice to catch up with everyone again. I can't wait to see what they come up with next year.

To stem the post holiday blues I am now planning a trip to San Francisco to see my sis in the Autumn, hopefully taking in San Diego and Santa Barbara that have both caught my eye. I also quite fancy the Russian River Women's Weekend.

There is also a cunning plan developing involving Vegas, Bette Midler and either and inappropriate car or a Priscilla style camper van.