Monday, 25 May 2009

TJ, Tunnel 228 and The Dirty South

I have had a busy couple of days this bank holiday weekend, starting with laughing my head off on the waltzer at Blackheath fair. Followed by going to Blackheath Halls to see T J Higgs with some friends.

I have never been to Blackheath Halls before and I was struck by what a lovely venue it was, I shall definitely be looking at what is on there in the future. I have never seen T J Higgs before, and I thought she was very impressive; entertaining and insightful. She strikes me as a woman who doesn't suffer fools gladly.

Next on the agenda was tunnel 228. How to describe this? Mysterious, a little spooky and a little scary too.

I previously saw The Masque of the Red Death, so had a bit of an idea what to expect. This was more arty than the previous one. I did however, get a personal play when I ended up in a room which was decked out like an old fashioned office.

Having pushed the door and started to walk away, I was surprised when it opened. The monologue that was delivered to me as I sat in the chair was unnerving as he was standing, I was sitting and he was stroking my face! It was uncomfortable, but provoking. Exactly what I would expect from them.

I am glad I wasn't the person who got taken into the room with the guy watching a lap dance! Other highlights included the the light bulb room which when lit displayed a chair with Jesus sitting on it, the coffin with baby quail chicks breaking out, and the table with a woman and a crow sat at it.

After a full post theatre debrief we headed off to see Alabama 3 acoustic at the Dirty South. They were the most pissed I have ever seen them when they came on gone midnight, but they were at their most fun and I had a very good night.

Friday, 15 May 2009


I stayed close to home last night to see the showcase at Lewisham Library of 5 lesbian writers. Its the first time I have been to a library event and I really enjoyed it.

VG Lee was the only author I had heard of. In fact I own a copy of her novel Woman in Beige, which is hilarious. She was telling us that she has started a new career as a stand up comedian. Good on her, she is a much braver person than me. I will be going to see her next gig to offer my moral support.

The other person who stood out was Kate Foley. She looked like a woman who had a few interesting tales to tell. Now living in Amsterdam, her new novella in prose is set there, and after hearing her read a few excerpts I just had to buy it, and get it signed of course. My friend said I went all shy and girly, for shame...

Burlesque has left the building

The lack of crowds at Koko gave the impression that the popularity of burlesque has passed. That's fine by me! I could actually see the stage, Immodesty Blaize looked in the best form I had ever seen her and the crowd that were there loved it.

Marc Almond seems to be growing down, rather than up. He looked really young, apart from a few dodgy gold teeth. I still find it really odd though that he can sing now. I was a bit soft cell fan in my youth.

Julian Clary was a good host. I think he may be getting on a bit though for the corset he put on later on. It was a bit of a sight. Sorry Julian, not that I am expecting him to read this, but I really do think he is fab.

One of my favourite acts were the 3 blokes, who were dressed up to look as if they had all walked out of the Zoolander film, doing mad, slightly suggestive dancing, a la flash dance. I was still laughing the next day.

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Tiger Lillies songs of horror

I went out to see the brilliant Tiger Lillies yesterday. Their macabre songs had the audience in constant fits of chuckling and I especially enjoyed re-hearing the songs from Shockheaded Peter.

Shockheaded Peter is the opera that introduced me to their wonderousness. Based on an evil German fairytale of what happens to little boys and girls when they are naughty.

My favourites were:
Harriet and the matches
Snip Snip
Fidgety Phil and Flying Robert.

The Tiger Lillies act is pure cabaret, and the stage make up and twitches add to the drama of the evening. They played 2 shows last night and i was very tempted to pop back in again. We also star spotted David Dimbleby at the theatre.

Monday, 4 May 2009

May Day Morris

I headed to Whitstable today to see the May Day Morris dancing. Not very cool I know, but I love a pagan festival.

Its little known that I once went to a Morris dancing class. The problem being that this particular one was too girly. Skirts were compulsory. If I am going to do Morris dancing, I want trousers, sticks and swords, not skirts, hoops and tissues.

My favourite were the Manic Morris from Crayford. A cross between a pirate and a biker, not that's my idea of a Morris dance. I also liked the Morris from Rippon who seemed to have whole shrubberies on their heads.

Its good to see somewhere keeping the May Day traditions alive.