Friday, 18 April 2008


Have been having a quiet period lately. Partly due to lack of cash and partly due to lack of motivation. I'm not sure if its because the weather has been a bit pants but spring has not sprung in my house.

Hopefully I will perk up soon. Can some arrange me a windfall and a little bit of sun please, I'm sure it would help. I am off to the seaside next week so I'm sure some fresh air and some long walks will sort me out.

In the meantime I have been hanging out in my garden which needs lots more work, and watching some rather good telly at the moment. Am loving, Bones and Grey's Anatomy. Watching Meredith be so miserable makes me positively chirpy.

Monday, 7 April 2008

opulence and indulgence

Last night I went to Claridges - ooh get me - for my friend's 40th. We had the chef's table and had a brilliant time. The restaurant itself has quite a somber atmosphere but it couldn't be any different in the kitchen.

We sat in a booth, a bit like being in a dinner and had views through to the main kitchen and the pastry kitchen. It runs like a well oiled machine and there were no tempers flaring or people flapping. I was very impressed.

We got a chance to try some cooking - of our own food I hasten to add, and each of the 8 courses was a new delight. I think I have now had the best tasting kidneys in the world and carrot salad was also surprisingly to die for.

We sampled many interesting wines - Luxembourg (who knew) and were all a little tipsy and more boisterous by the end.

To top it all, we have a limousine home. Top night.