Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Post holiday blues

I have just had the holiday of a lifetime in SA and I am finding it too scarily easy to slip back in to main stream life.

I hoped the glow would last a little longer and the sense of well being would shine a little brighter. But hey-ho. That's life as they say and who am I to complain.

We started the trip in Benoni, and we apparently mirrored Celine Dion's tour with our own mini adventures. This caused me to utter the immortal phrase 'I'd rather be eaten by lions than go to a Celine Dion concert'.

The wedding the trip was planned around went very well and both bride and groom looked really happy and relaxed. We managed not to get too plastered and got up early for safari the next day.

Going on safari is easily the best thing I have ever done and I think everyone should try it. Rhino's at dawn was the best bit. And it all felt very Jurassic park, heading off in our 4x4 looking for adventure.

Our trip ended with 4 nights in Cape Town. A bustling city that it took me a while to get into after the quietness of the bush. It seems like a nice vibrant place and the coastline, table mountain and the botanical gardens are amazing. Not to mention seals and penguins.

I am deffo a wildlife freak on return from this trip. I am hoping to plan something fab for myself as soon as the old purse recovers, which may be some time.

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Two good gigs

For the last two weeks its been like a mini ATP renunion. The first week we went to see the wonderful Seasick Steve, who is enjoying quite a lot of fame these days. Apart from the fact I hate the Astoria with a passion, and that the media loveys in front of me were doing my head in, it was a good gig.

He is fab. And I really would like to adopt him as my grandad. KT Tunstall who turned up as well has gone up in my estimations. She couldn't really have gone much further down. Bland is a word I would have previously used to describe her. I think I may elevate her to mildly interesting.

All in all a good night made better by lovely food in the lovely first out and a visit to the new intrepid fox complete with psycho barman. Unfortunately it is now positioned in the place where the well loved Conservatory/Vespa used to be. I remember it fondly. Crap toilets en all.

The week after we reconveened to go and see Alexander Tucker and the Fuck Buttons at the ICA. It was very marvellous arty, experimental noise and we even bumped into someone we had randomly met at ATP 06. It was a good venue, just the right amount of arty people and the right amount of arty noise. A few glasses of red wine and I was well away. More of these please ATP, to tide us over until December.