Thursday, 20 August 2009

Day of culture

I spent a day (over a month ago now - sorry for my slackness) doing culture in London. I enjoy have a London day every now and again. I always fall in love with it all over again and stop dreaming of moving to places by the sea.

I went to see the Gay Icons exhibition, Jeff Koons, and Gardens and Cosmos at the British Museum.

Here is the point where I admit that I have never been to the British Museum before! Doesn't it look fab. Inside and out. It was a good exhibition, but for me there was actually a bit too much stuff in it. Some were wonderful, some didn't really hold my attention.

Jeff Koons on the other hand was quite a bite sized exhibition. The Serpentine isn't the world's biggest gallery and I did have to queue for a little while. It was a very fun, random and bonkers display of items. I do like my art with a comedic edge.

My favourite of the day was the gay icons exhibition. It was a very personal portrait of the people famous gay people held as icons. The best ones for me were the ones that made me think, 'I will google him/her when I get home.' I will soon have compiled a reading list purely from suggestions here...

Only to be read of course when I finish reading about Edward Carpenter. I found out about him at a LGBT talk and although I am enjoying the book (A Life of Liberty and Love). It is very big. There is only so much culture a girl can take before she reverts to reading the latest Mary Janice Davdison!

Very over excited

My blog has been a bit neglected of late. Mainly because I haven't been doing anything! This has been due to ill health, rather than the recession but it has had a favourable effect on my bank balance.

So last night I spent some of my cash and went to the London Follies, a stage show that consisted of mixology, musical burlesque, machete juggling, and the apparent fastest tap dancer in the world, who looked, and dressed, like our mate from down the pub.

I really enjoyed it, perhaps enhanced by it being the first time I have been out in a month, and the fact that we supped some wine at the wondrous cork and bottle first.

Anyway... Its also a lovely venue. The bar is inside the theatre (result!) and it has a nice horseshoe shape so the acts can come to you. My only criticism was that it only lasted an hour and a half. Which at £35 a go might be considered a little steep.