Thursday, 9 July 2009

Gay shame goes girly

I had a fabulous night at Duckie, Brixton Academy on Saturday. They had surpassed themselves with the side shows. My favourite was the girls world care bear stall. You could get a wig and a make over from bears, dressed in fluffy care bear outfits with fluffy slippers.

Other delights included having a bed bath, a wax, learning how to sew, visiting the lipstick museum, buying a handbag, posing nude, or clothed, having your nipples cast in chocolate, or, eating the nipples cast in chocolate. There was also people going around as slummy mummies with tracksuits and pushchairs, and someone selling tupperware. Genius.

Friday, 3 July 2009

Gaffer tape madness

All the focus of the Haywood exhibition 'Windows in my mind' has been focused on the spotty lady. So, imagine my surprise at the series of tunnels created with gaffer tape, featuring the blowing up of philosophical texts, and silver foil adorned figures, torsos and tiny people. Quite disorientating and pretty inspired. We had to go in twice, just to make sure we hadn't missed anything.

The spotty room was wonderfully spotty. It made your eyes go a bit mental, and I started seeing spots between the spots. It took a while for my eyes to adjust and take in the black web room with the white dresses. Spooky and lovely.

I wasn't so convinced about the dark room with the disembodied voice going 'You are a butterfly', but maybe its just me.

Laughing cows

Not an insult, but the name of the comedy club I went to last night. We went to see the wonderful V G Lee. Author of such classics as 'The woman in Beige' and 'Diary of a provincial lesbian', who has decided to become a stand up comedienne.

What a brave move, I envy her ability to put herself in the position of scaring herself stupid. Not that she need worry. She was great, and very funny, very observant humour.

We also saw Zoe Lyons, who was practising her Edinburgh material. She was good, witty, sharp and a little bit rude.

It was a good night. I wasn't quite as impressed with the venue - private eye's dining room - as I thought I would be, and the lack of mike may have affected some performances, but I would definitely go again.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Edinburgh rocks

I spent last weekend in Edinburgh. Town of extreme weather and a haar at the drop of a hat. It was nice to go back to the familiar - Royal Mile - but also to see some new things - we stayed in Broughton, and walked to Leith to see the Royal Yacht Britannia.

I rediscovered my love for fudge, tried tablet and Edinburgh rock (I don't normally have such a sweet tooth, honest!)

I also discovered that it was pride weekend. Turning up for the march 15 minutes late (I have never known a pride start on time) we discovered a small patch of ground with leaflets and balloons on. It had been, gone, and was nowhere to be seen.

We made up for this with some post pride bar hopping and also bumped into the other parade of the day - forces day - luckily we did not get the two confused.