Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Happy birthday Mr Berner

Last night we ventured to a new venue to see the ever entertaining Geoff Berner. It was the last gig on his tour, and his birthday so we were all in a good mood.

The venue was good but a little small, Geoff has us all lined up like a school photo with the shorter people sitting on the floor at the front. He also played two sets so that we could rotate.

There was a lot of singing along and joviality, and a particularly hilarious moment when the management mistook my friend for Mr Berner and was asking him questions about his equipment! They are both bald! Anyway, it was a good but late night, I look forward to seeing him again when he comes our way.

Monday, 24 November 2008

Peter and the wolf

I was with my nephew at the playing of Peter and the Wolf this weekend. He found it very exciting, and was on the edge of his seat throughout. My only complaint was you couldn't see the percussion section enough, and this is always the fascinating bit for kiddies.

3 observations:
  • The ladies in front kept turning round and glaring at us every time he wasn't completely silent.
  • The man behind us congratulated my nephew on his appreciation of Prokofiev's piece
  • The ladies in front glared at my nephew when it was in fact the man behind tapping his feet.

Note to miserable ladies: Do not expect silence at a family concert. Why don't you go home, listen to it on a CD and have a cup of tea or a nice sherry.

Monday, 17 November 2008

Berthing in Worthing

The good ship Jamie's ( birthday came to rest in Worthing on Saturday when we went to see the wonderful and quite rude Drag with no name (

Its been a while since I have seen him and I was reminded how very funny he is, so much more than just a drag act. My favourite bits where his spot on impressions of other Brighton drag acts, and his version of the lady from fat fighters.

It was a great night, and the Jack Horner pub seemed to be the hub of the community in Worthing. I would definitely go back.

The evening was finished off by a few drinks at Leg ends, always entertaining, and always dangerous to the liver (, it closes at 5!

We didn't last that long as the birthday boy was getting a little worse for wear. We ended the night drinking red wine/hot chocolate (both in my case) whilst watching the repeat of x factor - who says we are getting old.

Friday, 7 November 2008

Going loco down in Catford

I was Miss local girly last night as we decided to investigate the area's pubs.

Yes I know its been a year since I lived in Catford but its the first time my mortgage has allowed me the luxury of willy nilly local drinking on a school night.

We tried the Blythe Hill Tavern as we were keen to try out the Irish music night. What a nice pub it is. The music was very good and quite unintrusive and there was a nice roaring fire, i.e. it was boiling :-)

Where next...maybe the Perry Hill?