Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Magic numbers hoedown

Saturday night saw me at the Conway Hall, a venue I have never been to before but ideally suited to the charms of Betsey's Winterlude. Run by the Betsey Trotwood pub it was a folk based affair which seemed to consist of the magic numbers (who played their first ever gig at the pub) and all their mates (namely Danny and the Champions of the world - who at one count had 15 people in their band).

We missed the first couple of acts but I enjoyed the Moon Music Orchestra, despite the fact that the lead singer accessorised her dungarees with a cap which cast an unfortunate shadow on her face - it gave the impression that she had no teeth. A proper hillbilly.

I also thought the See See were very professional, not so much my cup of tea though, or fitting in as much with the theme of the day.

Danny and the Champions of the world arguably have the best band name in music, and they seemed to take their music very seriously. I liked them, but they had the magic numbers chap on stage to and all seemed content to play facing each other, and looking like they were enjoying themselves much more than we were. Good on them.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Milk of magnificence

Last night I went to see the marvellous milk. What a fantastic actor Sean Penn is. My friend asked afterwards if he really was gay. Maybe Madonna turned him but as far as I know he is as straight as a die.

The acting was truly great and the characters sensitively portrayed with all their flaws. I cried a bit at the end and didn't fidget too much (it was quite a long film). I would recommend going to see it and its definitely worth some Oscar mentions.

It's just a shame his life ended so tragically and that of the Mayor (freaking me out a bit as he is the boss in Eli Stone!)

It was one of those films that makes you want to do something with your life when you see it. Except get shot of course!