Thursday, 4 June 2009

Jason Donovan's crotch...

...was a bit too close to me the other night when I went to see Priscilla Queen of the Desert. We had front row seats you see. It made things quite interesting. Especially when Jason had a wardrobe malfunction with his wrap-around skirt. Revealing himself in a leotard, lets just say that he doesn't tuck it in.

But, we'll made a drag queen of him yet. It was fantastic, all the characters were brilliant and Jason is a very good actor, albeit an adequate singer.

My friend is still traumatised by the fact that they bought a kiddie on stage. She may need therapy for that. And those moments were a little cheesy. All in all though a fab night out, made all the better by the wine in the cork and bottle before hand.

Monday, 1 June 2009

Bit of culture and Brazil

Saturday started off with a trip to the Kuniyoshi exhibition which was amazing. We went round backwards as it was already busy when it opened at 10. Unfortunately, by the time we got to the end (or the beginning) the 11 o'clockers had arrived and it got a bit congested. The prints are very detailed so you need to be up close. One (slightly crazy) guy was running from one to another when no one else was there, and declaring loudly - this one!

Next was a trip to the Barbican to see the Brazilian dancers, Balé de Rua. It was a bit mental. It consisted of a group of men, and one woman. In the first scene they were all in men's suits, in the second, all in women's dresses. Then they all came on in their pants! The screaming harpies behind me, seemed to think that they were somewhere else at this point.

They did a lot of acrobatic stuff, then covered each other in paint, including spitting it at each other. The piece de resistance was them wearing bras with flowers on, also with flowers on their knees and heads. They did a little dance, reappeared in their pajamas, and that was the end.

This critique may sound like I didn't like it but the dancing was amazing, it was just quite eccentric, at one point one of the dancers sang a song. Dancing in your pants is one thing, singing in your pants, its just creepy!