Saturday, 24 October 2009

Cool sea dragons

I went to Monterey today and got the opportunity on the 'scenic road' to Carmel to see where the really posh people live. I also got the chance to visit the aquarium, and fell in love with the grass sea dragons, they look like leaves, its mental.

Despite hoards of tourists I managed to press my nose against most of the glass cases and also loved the sea otters and the jellies.

We then got our future from Zoltare (featured in the film big), so there is a chance I will wake up trapped in a small child's body tomorrow.

Reinacting Harvey Milk

I had my moment of shimmying up the steps of City Hall yesterday. It had to be done. I pushed those brides out of the way and it was all about me. Well in my head it was.

The City Hall tour is a good one. You get to see the room where the city supervisors sit, the Mayor's office and a lot of marble. There are only so many times a guide can say, 'here's a nice bit of marble!'

Impressive as the building is, my friend and I decided that it was similar to the building we used to work in (The Institution of Civil Engineers) but on a larger scale. The guide clearly loved it so we would never suggest that there may be something equally as grand elsewhere.

Stateside artyness

Went to see Richard Avedon at the SFMOMA the other day, famed photographer who focused on the personality behind famous and un-famous faces.

I realised that I could have done with an American interpreter. There were 69 portraits of American politicians, most of which I had never heard off, and there was a queue to grab the card of names, many of which still meant nothing. As I had guessed there was a Kennedy and a Bush in there.

My favourite pictures where of him and Twiggy, Bjork looking young and vulnerable and Katherine Hepburn looking sharp - literally.

My favourite un-famous person was a 13 year old snake skinner. I have never seen a photograph of snake guts before!