Monday, 21 January 2008

One again its been a while

Its been one thing after another Chez Helen. I seem to have been constantly ill, then my boiler broke and then I lost the will to live. But I'm back.

Despite displaying flu like symptoms and spending my birthday lying on the sofa I dragged myself off of it on the Sunday and hotfooted it down to Brighton for the HS christmas party (in January). This was a party full of drag queens - out of drag - and general hangers on like me.

There was some excellent entertainment from Sandra - who is so rude, in a good way. And some singing from various other people. Lady Imelda sticks in my mind most. He has a cracking voice and is an all round nice guy. My mate Jamie and his pal the Drag with No Name (Scott) were also fab.

We crawled home around 3/4 in the morning and the next day I had completely lost my voice. Not even a squeak. Too much singing along obviously.

The rest of the week was quiet, whilst I tried to recover. I had to text people to get someone to ring the boiler engineers when it broke down as I couldn't speak. It would have made an entertaining sitcom.

This weekend just gone I had a birthday party - I like birthdays to last at least 2 weeks - pudding and dessert wine was the theme and people really did make an effort. I now have a lovely selection of cheese, bread, fruit and some sweet stuff to last me the week.