Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Comfortably numb

Despite feeling a bit pants on thursday I enjoyed the scissor sisters. They have lots of sequins, energy and sparkles, and wall to wall lesbians - well practically. The only problem was that the sound wasn't great. Not sure if it was them or the new venue the O2. It seems a good venue though, if a bit packed. We enjoyed a couple of martini cocktails on the beach but all the food places were really busy and the tube station was a nightmare to get into afterwards.

Friday, I was more than a little weary and was even worried that I had enough energy to go to my family lesbo 60th. I needn't have worried though. A few drinks later I was showing them all the finer points of line dancing - well I would have if I'd have been able to remember a single step. I don't think they'll be relying on me for lessons.

Saturday I went with my sister to see Harry Potter again - she hadn't seen it - and then headed down to Whitstable en famille for the final weekend of the Oyster festival. Highlights were the fireworks in the rain, The mud tug in the freezing winds and my very interesting burn marks after walking to Herne bay and back when summer finally started. I love it and am very sad to be back today.

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Stress overload

Well as they say the stress always comes out somewhere. Things with the new property are going well and my body seems to have taken it as a sign that its ok to be sick now!

I am feeling well rough and seem to have slept for the majority of 3 days.

Before the dreaded lurgy set in I did have a fun night in Vauxhall. Started off in Bar Code to meet my mate. I felt quite a few resentful vibes coming from the pretty boys and was beginning to get the impression that they didn't like girls in these parts - although there were a few there. We stayed till 10ish and were given free beer courtesy of gaydar as it was there first birthday. After a few pints my female friend and myself decided that it wasn't because we were girls that we were getting looks - but because we were a bit scruffy for them.

So, we headed off to Duckie which couldn't be more different. Had a fab night, the DJ is top and although mostly boys, the vibe was very friendly and people chatted to us. The acts however being pot luck were I thought shockingly bad. I think my mate was pleased to miss the guy weeing on stage whilst she was weeing somewhere else.

I was definitely go back and Amy Lame as always was a goddess. My friend tried to pull me the only lezza in the place. However, it didn't seem to occur to him that just because we were both gay didn't mean we would get it on - bless him.

The next day after a big lie in I was dreading my buyer coming round as he is so needy. I managed to put him off with the news I was buying somewhere else and instead went out to see the new Harry Potter film.

I love it, I know I'm a big kid but the film was really good and quite scary. I don't think my nephew is ready for this one yet. I've also just finished the book but I found that a bit of an anticlimax. I think she was a bit to worried about tying up all the lose ends.

Anyway, back to my sick bed now. I hope I feel better tomorrow as I'm off to the Scissor Sisters. Also, everyone at work knows I am going so I have to do both - boo! Thank god I have a long weekend this weekend.

Saturday, 21 July 2007

Where've I been!

Crying into my glass that's where. The whole house buying business has really been getting me down recently. But no more!!

Well Mr 'I want to be alone to decide what to do' can find a better buyer for all I care. I have found myself another place that I like even more! All systems go.

To celebrate I am off drinking in Vauxhall tonight. I have even dyed my hair so things are looking up!

Thursday, 12 July 2007

Mistaken identity

Walking home from a rather drunken night out at the Black Sheep Bar last night a van pulled up, grabbed my mate by the throat, threatened to kill him, and then said oh sorry wrong person! Well aren't we pleased about that. Although I am a little bit concerned for the welfare of the intended person!

Anyway, it was a top night and we saw a great act The Drag with No Name (http://www.thedragwithnoname.com/) I will now have to be a good girl for the rest of the week, well until tomorrow anyway my body is a temple!

Saturday, 7 July 2007

Burlesquing the night away

Well I decided to put my house woes to one side and go out to Hip Hip at the Cobden Club last night. Its an amateur burlesque night and some of it was very funny.

The first act, of singing Germans started off badly but did get more entertaining - although that might be the extra glass of wine I had had by then.

The next few acts don't really warrant explanation although bearlesque was funny and deeply disturbing. Bears in what looked like nappies and very earnest expressions on there face - nice!

Hula hoop girl was marvellous and had good attitude even when she went a little wrong. My friend was very impressed with the Daniel Craig alike Doorman doing his own little striptease and Madame Fifi had gone all French with accompanying patriotic balloons.

A good night was had by all and the trek home wasn't too bad.

I am a little tired now...
Favourite thing of the week - Tales of Mu http://mutales.livejournal.com/628.html online book.

Sunday, 1 July 2007

A very wet pride

Well, we had fun yesterday marching in the rain. Its a shame they changed the route to cut off embankment and the rest of Whitehall but I think that may have been for security reasons.

Afterwards we did a very mini-pub crawl, it was a bit wet to go too far. Went to the cabaret stage but Jamie had already been on as they had changed the running order. So, we met up with him for a drink and then finished with dinner. Which did about finish me off. I fell asleep on the train and went straight to bed when I got in about 10. I am getting old!

As is tradition the day after pride I am now knackered and have sore feet.