Thursday, 31 December 2009

Smile for the camera

I went to see the very interesting Points of View exhibition at the British Library the other day as an antidote to Christmas.

Its my first visit to the library, and I really liked the space. The exhibition was interesting, and engaging, although I did hit exhibition saturation point about 5 mins before the end.

My favourite bits were the tales of set up pictures, depicting supposed far away lands and people. And, the thought that as people were travelling more, the advent of photography must have stunned and amazed everyone. Seeing their first hippo or foreign land.

Definitely worth a visit.

Its not Christmas unless you have seen the Pogues

We ventured out from our usual Brixton gig this year and went to see the Pogues in Sheffield.

A much smaller venue, it was good - but slightly more in range of the beer-soaking mosh-pit - to be more in the fray, and to see the band better. Not that you could see Shane, the only singer in history to demand darkness around him. Not a spotlight in site.

They were however the best I have ever seen them, seemingly getting on, exchanging some banter, and staying in time, and in tune. All in all a great night out, and I only got covered in beer once!

Thursday, 10 December 2009

ATP: the eventful year

I always look forward to All Tomorrow's Parties and this year was no exception. However, there were a few things set to try us: we were ill, I drove my car into a wall, I was burgled. These events will probably make it one of the most memorable years, but really, it should be remembered by the music.

Here are the bands I saw:

  • De La Soul - Used to love them when I was younger but on the day I hadn't had enough to drink yet
  • Primal Scream - Not as good as I thought they would be. Bit serious musio rather than fun 'god is this Primal Scream as well!'
  • Josh T Pearson - I like him, a bit Nick Cave/Seasick Steve
  • Buzzcocks - Fantabulous jumping around music
  • Television Personalities - Good fun, another blast from the past, featuring the violinist from Le Volume Courbe


  • The Tyde - Looked like a seventies porn star, very happy chappy
  • Sun Ra Arkestra - I recognise they are fab but not for me
  • The Horrors - Have had a makeover since we last saw them. Not so much black and leather, pretty good.
  • J Mascus and the Fog - Far to serious musio project by Dinosaur Jr blokey
  • Spectrum - I came, I saw, I can't remember!
  • Fucked up - Jolly Canadian Punk
  • Le Volume Courbe - I really liked these, French with cute violinist
  • That Petrol Emotion - Back to the old school, much better than I thought they would be, and so loving it.
  • Lightening Bolt - The highlight, WOW really
  • Ariel Pink - We had about a 30 min discussion on whether the lead singer was a boy or a girl. Also a strange man turned up in a raincoat who turned out to be the lead singer from the Lily's


  • Lily's - His camp chirpy pop amused me for a while but then he began to get on my wick
  • Th' Faith Healers - Quite grew on us after a while.
  • Dirty Three - fabulous druggie violins
  • Swervedriver - a little disappointing
  • Bob Mould - bless! Dull, dull, dull
  • My Bloody Valentine - Good music but couldn't hear the vocals
  • The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - Good fun, we didn't stay for it all though because it was a fight between them or the Dirty Three, and the Dirty Three one

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Alphonse Mucha

Whilst swilling gluhwein at the Christmas markets of Munich I took time out to go and see the retrospective exhibition of Mucha's work which was pretty amazing.

Mucha is a world-renowned Art Nouveau figure head. He was famous for his poster designs, particularly of Sarah Bernhardt, book illustrations and jewellery creations. What I didn't expect to see though was a very occult/religious driven, spooky body of work which was also exhibited. It was beautifully executed, using pastels and chalk and all in all this was a pretty special exhibition.

Wham Glam Jam

Staying local the other night I went to see the lovely Lady Imelda and her erstwhile glamorous assistant at the Piano Bar at 286.

Having not been there for a while I had a fab, and very late night out. Enhanced by watching Jedward being kicked out of the xfactor first over a few drinks.

They are both terrific singers, and the members of the audience who got up and sang where also very good.

Roast potatoes at half time (be that about 11.30) reminded me of pubs of time gone by and did help to mop up the alcohol. All in all a very glam jam indeed.

Wacky Le Clique

We all had a fun night out to Le Clique at the Roundhouse the other day culminating in lots of drunken hilarity and that was just the performers!

My favourite acts were The Wau Wau Sisters - acrobats with a rock twist and Ursula Martinez - hailing from Spain via Croydon.

Some of the more bizarre acts included a Queen obsessed juggler, a purposely rubbish Swedish magician and Meow Meow, who got 4 unsuspecting guys from the audience to try and shape her arms and legs into a swastika (why I have no idea).

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Atheist's Guide to Christmas

I went to the very packed launch of this book at Foyle's the other day. I was intrigued by the selection of guests: David Baddiel, A C Grayling, Richard Dawkins and Derren Brown.

As I wedged myself into a chair hanging on the end of a row the whiff of B.O. in the air was vaguely reminiscent of the socialist conference I went to in the Summer. As people asked ridiculous questions, this feeling intensified. However, as I found at the socialist conference, any excuse to feel like my brain isn't leaking out of my ears, and I enjoyed it.

I found A C Grayling very interesting and Derren Brown was a bit of a revelation. Having previously thought he was a bit of a tit, I was surprised to find a slightly awkward, intelligent, endearing guy. I am now intrigued by the Croydon boy. It may not be enough for me to watch his programmes, but I may check out his new book.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Bit of John Barrowman

Yes he's everywhere at the moment, and I was a little unsure, but I thoroughly enjoyed going to see Le Cage Aux Folles last night.

The cast, performances and set were amazing. I had tears in my eyes at the end and it was genuinely wonderful.

The funniest moment of the evening may well have been provided by a member of own family though who said very loudly 'you do realise this is about homosexual lifestyles don't you'. Funnily enough, we all did :-)

Everyone should go. With or without the Barrowman its great.

Halloween spookiness

Punchdrunk did themselves proud again on Halloween in Holland Park. A big fan of their's I was very quick off the mark when it can to get tickets, and we turned up at the gates with our pumpkin lights and masks at twilight.

Inside were paths lit with pumpkin lights, a treasure trail and a spooky fair. In punchdrunk style at one point my friends and I were dragged off to look at the moon, sung too, and then I was taken to see a man about signing my soul away to the devil for 7 years of wine. Of course I obliged!

We finished this off with the late night Halloween gig at the Miller. Everyone was dressed up. I think the man dressed as a robot was regretting it. Most of the bands were quite rubbish but funny. There was spooky burlesque, involving a tampon; The Reverend, a performance poet; and a band called Slapper - with a Freddie Mercury lookalikey with a sparkly moustache, leather apron and nipple accessories. It was a sight for sore eyes indeed.

Whirlwind San Fran

There is loads I haven't mentioned so far: The Story of Sleeping Beauty at the Cartoon Art Museum (amazing attention to detail on the story boards); seeing both the exhibition of Maurice Sendak's works, and the film of his most famous book Where the Wild Things Are; seeing the history of punk told in pictures at the main library (admitting that punk did not come from California!); and the inspiring work of Victor Arimondi.

A highlight of my trip was watching the Gossip on pretty much home turf. Despite a sore throat Beth Ditto still out sung most people I have seen live and was endearing, sweet and strong on the night. An incredible mix and a great atmosphere. Its the first gig I have seen in San Fran and was interested to see that although the smoking ban is very much in effect, the smoking of pot is not considered to be included. Makes for a docile crowd!

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Cool sea dragons

I went to Monterey today and got the opportunity on the 'scenic road' to Carmel to see where the really posh people live. I also got the chance to visit the aquarium, and fell in love with the grass sea dragons, they look like leaves, its mental.

Despite hoards of tourists I managed to press my nose against most of the glass cases and also loved the sea otters and the jellies.

We then got our future from Zoltare (featured in the film big), so there is a chance I will wake up trapped in a small child's body tomorrow.

Reinacting Harvey Milk

I had my moment of shimmying up the steps of City Hall yesterday. It had to be done. I pushed those brides out of the way and it was all about me. Well in my head it was.

The City Hall tour is a good one. You get to see the room where the city supervisors sit, the Mayor's office and a lot of marble. There are only so many times a guide can say, 'here's a nice bit of marble!'

Impressive as the building is, my friend and I decided that it was similar to the building we used to work in (The Institution of Civil Engineers) but on a larger scale. The guide clearly loved it so we would never suggest that there may be something equally as grand elsewhere.

Stateside artyness

Went to see Richard Avedon at the SFMOMA the other day, famed photographer who focused on the personality behind famous and un-famous faces.

I realised that I could have done with an American interpreter. There were 69 portraits of American politicians, most of which I had never heard off, and there was a queue to grab the card of names, many of which still meant nothing. As I had guessed there was a Kennedy and a Bush in there.

My favourite pictures where of him and Twiggy, Bjork looking young and vulnerable and Katherine Hepburn looking sharp - literally.

My favourite un-famous person was a 13 year old snake skinner. I have never seen a photograph of snake guts before!

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Hanging with Barry and Terry

I went for the first time ever to the Proms in the Park. It was a lovely day for it and we had a very impressive picnic array and lots to drink.

No amount of drink however could have prepared me for Barry Manilow. Apart from looking like a preserved head Futurama style, he really was singing quite badly. At one point he appeared to be slurring. He was saved in one song by the appearance of the eternally perky John Barrowman, and that's probably saying something.

I was also slightly distrubed by the singing of rule britannia by lots of flag waving, middle class, drunkards. But I did like the fireworks.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Day of culture

I spent a day (over a month ago now - sorry for my slackness) doing culture in London. I enjoy have a London day every now and again. I always fall in love with it all over again and stop dreaming of moving to places by the sea.

I went to see the Gay Icons exhibition, Jeff Koons, and Gardens and Cosmos at the British Museum.

Here is the point where I admit that I have never been to the British Museum before! Doesn't it look fab. Inside and out. It was a good exhibition, but for me there was actually a bit too much stuff in it. Some were wonderful, some didn't really hold my attention.

Jeff Koons on the other hand was quite a bite sized exhibition. The Serpentine isn't the world's biggest gallery and I did have to queue for a little while. It was a very fun, random and bonkers display of items. I do like my art with a comedic edge.

My favourite of the day was the gay icons exhibition. It was a very personal portrait of the people famous gay people held as icons. The best ones for me were the ones that made me think, 'I will google him/her when I get home.' I will soon have compiled a reading list purely from suggestions here...

Only to be read of course when I finish reading about Edward Carpenter. I found out about him at a LGBT talk and although I am enjoying the book (A Life of Liberty and Love). It is very big. There is only so much culture a girl can take before she reverts to reading the latest Mary Janice Davdison!

Very over excited

My blog has been a bit neglected of late. Mainly because I haven't been doing anything! This has been due to ill health, rather than the recession but it has had a favourable effect on my bank balance.

So last night I spent some of my cash and went to the London Follies, a stage show that consisted of mixology, musical burlesque, machete juggling, and the apparent fastest tap dancer in the world, who looked, and dressed, like our mate from down the pub.

I really enjoyed it, perhaps enhanced by it being the first time I have been out in a month, and the fact that we supped some wine at the wondrous cork and bottle first.

Anyway... Its also a lovely venue. The bar is inside the theatre (result!) and it has a nice horseshoe shape so the acts can come to you. My only criticism was that it only lasted an hour and a half. Which at £35 a go might be considered a little steep.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Gay shame goes girly

I had a fabulous night at Duckie, Brixton Academy on Saturday. They had surpassed themselves with the side shows. My favourite was the girls world care bear stall. You could get a wig and a make over from bears, dressed in fluffy care bear outfits with fluffy slippers.

Other delights included having a bed bath, a wax, learning how to sew, visiting the lipstick museum, buying a handbag, posing nude, or clothed, having your nipples cast in chocolate, or, eating the nipples cast in chocolate. There was also people going around as slummy mummies with tracksuits and pushchairs, and someone selling tupperware. Genius.

Friday, 3 July 2009

Gaffer tape madness

All the focus of the Haywood exhibition 'Windows in my mind' has been focused on the spotty lady. So, imagine my surprise at the series of tunnels created with gaffer tape, featuring the blowing up of philosophical texts, and silver foil adorned figures, torsos and tiny people. Quite disorientating and pretty inspired. We had to go in twice, just to make sure we hadn't missed anything.

The spotty room was wonderfully spotty. It made your eyes go a bit mental, and I started seeing spots between the spots. It took a while for my eyes to adjust and take in the black web room with the white dresses. Spooky and lovely.

I wasn't so convinced about the dark room with the disembodied voice going 'You are a butterfly', but maybe its just me.

Laughing cows

Not an insult, but the name of the comedy club I went to last night. We went to see the wonderful V G Lee. Author of such classics as 'The woman in Beige' and 'Diary of a provincial lesbian', who has decided to become a stand up comedienne.

What a brave move, I envy her ability to put herself in the position of scaring herself stupid. Not that she need worry. She was great, and very funny, very observant humour.

We also saw Zoe Lyons, who was practising her Edinburgh material. She was good, witty, sharp and a little bit rude.

It was a good night. I wasn't quite as impressed with the venue - private eye's dining room - as I thought I would be, and the lack of mike may have affected some performances, but I would definitely go again.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Edinburgh rocks

I spent last weekend in Edinburgh. Town of extreme weather and a haar at the drop of a hat. It was nice to go back to the familiar - Royal Mile - but also to see some new things - we stayed in Broughton, and walked to Leith to see the Royal Yacht Britannia.

I rediscovered my love for fudge, tried tablet and Edinburgh rock (I don't normally have such a sweet tooth, honest!)

I also discovered that it was pride weekend. Turning up for the march 15 minutes late (I have never known a pride start on time) we discovered a small patch of ground with leaflets and balloons on. It had been, gone, and was nowhere to be seen.

We made up for this with some post pride bar hopping and also bumped into the other parade of the day - forces day - luckily we did not get the two confused.

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Jason Donovan's crotch...

...was a bit too close to me the other night when I went to see Priscilla Queen of the Desert. We had front row seats you see. It made things quite interesting. Especially when Jason had a wardrobe malfunction with his wrap-around skirt. Revealing himself in a leotard, lets just say that he doesn't tuck it in.

But, we'll made a drag queen of him yet. It was fantastic, all the characters were brilliant and Jason is a very good actor, albeit an adequate singer.

My friend is still traumatised by the fact that they bought a kiddie on stage. She may need therapy for that. And those moments were a little cheesy. All in all though a fab night out, made all the better by the wine in the cork and bottle before hand.

Monday, 1 June 2009

Bit of culture and Brazil

Saturday started off with a trip to the Kuniyoshi exhibition which was amazing. We went round backwards as it was already busy when it opened at 10. Unfortunately, by the time we got to the end (or the beginning) the 11 o'clockers had arrived and it got a bit congested. The prints are very detailed so you need to be up close. One (slightly crazy) guy was running from one to another when no one else was there, and declaring loudly - this one!

Next was a trip to the Barbican to see the Brazilian dancers, Balé de Rua. It was a bit mental. It consisted of a group of men, and one woman. In the first scene they were all in men's suits, in the second, all in women's dresses. Then they all came on in their pants! The screaming harpies behind me, seemed to think that they were somewhere else at this point.

They did a lot of acrobatic stuff, then covered each other in paint, including spitting it at each other. The piece de resistance was them wearing bras with flowers on, also with flowers on their knees and heads. They did a little dance, reappeared in their pajamas, and that was the end.

This critique may sound like I didn't like it but the dancing was amazing, it was just quite eccentric, at one point one of the dancers sang a song. Dancing in your pants is one thing, singing in your pants, its just creepy!

Monday, 25 May 2009

TJ, Tunnel 228 and The Dirty South

I have had a busy couple of days this bank holiday weekend, starting with laughing my head off on the waltzer at Blackheath fair. Followed by going to Blackheath Halls to see T J Higgs with some friends.

I have never been to Blackheath Halls before and I was struck by what a lovely venue it was, I shall definitely be looking at what is on there in the future. I have never seen T J Higgs before, and I thought she was very impressive; entertaining and insightful. She strikes me as a woman who doesn't suffer fools gladly.

Next on the agenda was tunnel 228. How to describe this? Mysterious, a little spooky and a little scary too.

I previously saw The Masque of the Red Death, so had a bit of an idea what to expect. This was more arty than the previous one. I did however, get a personal play when I ended up in a room which was decked out like an old fashioned office.

Having pushed the door and started to walk away, I was surprised when it opened. The monologue that was delivered to me as I sat in the chair was unnerving as he was standing, I was sitting and he was stroking my face! It was uncomfortable, but provoking. Exactly what I would expect from them.

I am glad I wasn't the person who got taken into the room with the guy watching a lap dance! Other highlights included the the light bulb room which when lit displayed a chair with Jesus sitting on it, the coffin with baby quail chicks breaking out, and the table with a woman and a crow sat at it.

After a full post theatre debrief we headed off to see Alabama 3 acoustic at the Dirty South. They were the most pissed I have ever seen them when they came on gone midnight, but they were at their most fun and I had a very good night.

Friday, 15 May 2009


I stayed close to home last night to see the showcase at Lewisham Library of 5 lesbian writers. Its the first time I have been to a library event and I really enjoyed it.

VG Lee was the only author I had heard of. In fact I own a copy of her novel Woman in Beige, which is hilarious. She was telling us that she has started a new career as a stand up comedian. Good on her, she is a much braver person than me. I will be going to see her next gig to offer my moral support.

The other person who stood out was Kate Foley. She looked like a woman who had a few interesting tales to tell. Now living in Amsterdam, her new novella in prose is set there, and after hearing her read a few excerpts I just had to buy it, and get it signed of course. My friend said I went all shy and girly, for shame...

Burlesque has left the building

The lack of crowds at Koko gave the impression that the popularity of burlesque has passed. That's fine by me! I could actually see the stage, Immodesty Blaize looked in the best form I had ever seen her and the crowd that were there loved it.

Marc Almond seems to be growing down, rather than up. He looked really young, apart from a few dodgy gold teeth. I still find it really odd though that he can sing now. I was a bit soft cell fan in my youth.

Julian Clary was a good host. I think he may be getting on a bit though for the corset he put on later on. It was a bit of a sight. Sorry Julian, not that I am expecting him to read this, but I really do think he is fab.

One of my favourite acts were the 3 blokes, who were dressed up to look as if they had all walked out of the Zoolander film, doing mad, slightly suggestive dancing, a la flash dance. I was still laughing the next day.

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Tiger Lillies songs of horror

I went out to see the brilliant Tiger Lillies yesterday. Their macabre songs had the audience in constant fits of chuckling and I especially enjoyed re-hearing the songs from Shockheaded Peter.

Shockheaded Peter is the opera that introduced me to their wonderousness. Based on an evil German fairytale of what happens to little boys and girls when they are naughty.

My favourites were:
Harriet and the matches
Snip Snip
Fidgety Phil and Flying Robert.

The Tiger Lillies act is pure cabaret, and the stage make up and twitches add to the drama of the evening. They played 2 shows last night and i was very tempted to pop back in again. We also star spotted David Dimbleby at the theatre.

Monday, 4 May 2009

May Day Morris

I headed to Whitstable today to see the May Day Morris dancing. Not very cool I know, but I love a pagan festival.

Its little known that I once went to a Morris dancing class. The problem being that this particular one was too girly. Skirts were compulsory. If I am going to do Morris dancing, I want trousers, sticks and swords, not skirts, hoops and tissues.

My favourite were the Manic Morris from Crayford. A cross between a pirate and a biker, not that's my idea of a Morris dance. I also liked the Morris from Rippon who seemed to have whole shrubberies on their heads.

Its good to see somewhere keeping the May Day traditions alive.

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Swedish weirdness

On Monday I went to see the odd, but strangely wonderful 'Let the right one in'.

The first unusual thing was that it was Swedish. Somehow, that doesn't seem to go with vampires, but it works. Its a boy meets vampire story of friendship and the responsibility that comes with it. I won't spoil the fun but the boy in it is as cute as a button and has the most wonderful facial expressions.

There were a couple of scenes in it which didn't seem to make a whole lot of sense. Whether this is from scene cuts, or I was meant to read more into it I don't know. Anyway, I have ordered the book now so hopefully I will be enlightened soon.

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Canada in Brixton

I went to Brixton on Thursday to see the ever wonderful Rae Spoon. Its been a while since I last saw him - in fact last time I saw him he serenaded me in a toilet for charity - but that's another story! I was surprised to find he had gone electric. I still enjoyed his quick wit and interesting lyrics, but I felt that sometimes he was drowned out by his guitar.
Of the new songs, I particularly enjoyed Come on Forest Fire and Burn the Disco Down and We Become our own Wolves. A Rae Spoon set is never dull.

I don't have as much praise for the support bands Headfall and the Balky Mule. Maybe I just wasn't in the mood for arty, experimental noise but Headfall made me want to fall on mine. The Balky Mule were slightly more cheerful, although the lead singer looked like Sad Sac from the Raggy Dolls. It was a bit of a poor mans All Tomorrow's Parties act.

Talking of All Tomorrow's Parties, tickets are on sale now. Curated by My Bloody Valentine. Can't wait.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Blogs don't fool me...

...said the wonderfully animated lecturer who took my Saturday course on 'The Wisdom of the Fool'. I am not sure how he would feel about me blogging about him but I will say that it was an interesting and illuminating day.

I have left with the feeling that I am not, in actual fact brain dead, I have a reading list as long as my arm, and a desire to find out some more about the courses Ken Rees teaches.

The day spent some time looking at the traditional fool in the courts of kings, the village idiot, the fool in tarot, the modern day fool (those of a comedic nature), the fool in myth and the holy fool.

I have never been on a course which included spontaneous singing and had we been more organised (which was against the spirit of the day) I'm sure we could have fit some juggling in there also. All in all a very strange, and very good day.

I finished off my foolish day with the 13th to 15th century paintings in the National Gallery. I was hoping for more myth and less religion to round off my experience, but then there's no fool like a hopeful fool.

Monday, 16 March 2009

All aboard...

...for a very surreal evening at the Transport Museum. A group of us went to the Friday late to see the poster exhibition before it finishes.

When we arrived we were dismayed to find that the late nights hadn't been going so well so they had decided to do a themed night instead. This meant 50s dancing and singing, a poet, and a lovely woman dressed as a bus conductor. All this was very well and good but they had shut the poster exhibition because they were allowing alcohol in there.

We weren't very impressed but decided to give it a go anyway. A very nice man also gave us all free tickets to come back another time.

Anyway, we played on the buses, sat in the carriages and listened to the fairly disturbing Summer Holiday on a loop.

Then...the same nice man said that due to popular demand they were going to open the poster exhibition - hurrah! Mission accomplished. I really enjoyed it but I would have liked it to be a bit better. But you can't have everything.

Friday, 13 March 2009

Bongo Mangos or something like that

I described them as this for a week before we actually went to the Dirty South last Friday (sorry, slacking on the write up this week).

They are actually called Los Mondo Bongos and consisted of Mike Peters (the Alarm), Pablo Cook & Smiley (Mescaleros) / Derek Forbes (Simple Minds) and Steve Harris (Gary Numan). They were quite entertaining for Friday night down the pub and I liked the pub itself and was ashamed I had not managed to make it there sooner. I should start a new campaign to drink local - maybe I need some help from the Man from Catford on this.

The support band were the recommended Penny Black Remedy. I thought they were interesting and the cowboy style boy and the gypsy style girl made an interesting mix. My only complaint is that there set wasn't long enough.

All in all a good night. I thought I had pulled at the end of it, but that's a different story...

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Kiss my buttocks

A bit rude I know, but this was the catchphrase for Buttocks - one of the characters in the alternative panto in Brighton - Sinderfella.

I went to see it on Friday and really enjoyed it. Especially Sinderfella on a mobility scooter - you shall go to the ball - and Dave Lyn as Amy Winehouse.

It sells out every year and deservedly so. Although its all over until next year there are still the monthly absolutely dragulous performances to look forward too.

They are bunch of very clever boys - oh yes they are.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Magic numbers hoedown

Saturday night saw me at the Conway Hall, a venue I have never been to before but ideally suited to the charms of Betsey's Winterlude. Run by the Betsey Trotwood pub it was a folk based affair which seemed to consist of the magic numbers (who played their first ever gig at the pub) and all their mates (namely Danny and the Champions of the world - who at one count had 15 people in their band).

We missed the first couple of acts but I enjoyed the Moon Music Orchestra, despite the fact that the lead singer accessorised her dungarees with a cap which cast an unfortunate shadow on her face - it gave the impression that she had no teeth. A proper hillbilly.

I also thought the See See were very professional, not so much my cup of tea though, or fitting in as much with the theme of the day.

Danny and the Champions of the world arguably have the best band name in music, and they seemed to take their music very seriously. I liked them, but they had the magic numbers chap on stage to and all seemed content to play facing each other, and looking like they were enjoying themselves much more than we were. Good on them.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Milk of magnificence

Last night I went to see the marvellous milk. What a fantastic actor Sean Penn is. My friend asked afterwards if he really was gay. Maybe Madonna turned him but as far as I know he is as straight as a die.

The acting was truly great and the characters sensitively portrayed with all their flaws. I cried a bit at the end and didn't fidget too much (it was quite a long film). I would recommend going to see it and its definitely worth some Oscar mentions.

It's just a shame his life ended so tragically and that of the Mayor (freaking me out a bit as he is the boss in Eli Stone!)

It was one of those films that makes you want to do something with your life when you see it. Except get shot of course!

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

The goddess

Last night I rediscovered my age old awe for Grace Jones. That woman is amazing. It was like 30 years had not passed, she looked great, strong, confident and very fit. With a nice line in hats and her trademark feistiness she could have been singing anything and I still would have been stood there with my mouth open.

Luckily, her songs were great too, and I liked most of her new album and the laser off her hat effect and the hurricane final song - which saw her flying across the stage, without the aid of a safety belt - were brilliant.

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

The drumming in my head

I have been back from Spain for a few days now and still I can hear it. The magnificent tunes that accompany the drumming festival The Tamboradda. The Spanish really so know how to party and running through the streets following increasingly intoxicated chefs and Napoleon's was good fun.

For those who think I have lost my mind this should explain some of it:

It was a great holiday. San Sebastian was beautiful despite increasingly bad weather and the pinchos were pretty good too. We also went to Bilbao and did the nerdy stuff, going across a 100ft transporter bridge - the world's oldest - and having a ride on the funicular.

Here are my photos:

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Bits and bobs

I've been a bit quiet of late. Mainly because I have had the plague, and now the famine is following in the form of the so called 'credit crunch'.

I haven't been out too much doing exciting things, instead I have been nesting, with my new cookbook from Christmas on frugal food and my new wii games.

Hopefully service will be resumed soon as a) I actually went out last night to see Slumdog millionaire - storyline is a bit far fetched, how many horrible things can happen to one person! The cinematography of India is beautiful though. b) I am going with my mum and Aunties to see the filming of loose women tomorrow - god help us. c) I am off to Spain Friday.

Hurrah for holidays but boo for the Euro.