Thursday, 24 May 2007

Blackpool rocks

Its been a while as I have been gallivanting up north for Blackpool Pride. I haven't been there in a good few years and it hasn't got any less tacky, marvellous, and made all the better by drag queens and a visible presence of the gay community. Its a bit smaller than the prides I am used to but was perfectly formed.

It was a very blustery day but on the pier there was a greenhouse type sun trap and we enjoyed lots of beers and good music whilst eyeing up the local talent.

My mate hosted the day and did a show wearing a spectacular coat which made him look a bit like Joseph ( we also pogoed to Toyah and ran away from the very popular Eton Road.

Back to reality, the sale of my flat has fallen through so back to the drawing board. I am about to show some people round in a minute so fingers crossed. Can't believe I was hoping to move this weekend.

Ah well, am trying not to take it to badly and think about Berlin next weekend instead.

Monday, 14 May 2007

I am so unfit

The new aqua teacher passes as she nearly killed us. I do feel good for doing some exercise though. We are trying the Tuesday class tomorrow to compare and contrast.

Top camp weekend. I went to visit my lovely friend Lyndsey in Chester and after a late night catching up all on gossip we prepared ourselves for a
eurovision extravaganza...via the cinema to see 28 weeks later. It was a bit of a gore fest but very entertaining. The ending was a bit annoying though. In our fragile states we were a bit unsure how it had actually ended. Hopefully the making of 28 months later will help to explain it.

After this we tried out a new Turkish supermarket and bought lots of yummy stuffed vine leaves, roll mops, juices and peppers.

Once back at home from stocking up on cheap booze we got out the
Eurovision scorecards and drinking game, waited for the girls and off we went. Despite our disgust at the political voting we loved it and I won my bet on Serbia to win.

After it finished we decided - in our wisdom - to go the gay bar in Chester because we hadn't had enough to drink. Much hilarity ensued and we got home very late and very drunk with kebabs in tow.

Yesterday was mostly spent getting home. But today, as it is a
Monday, I am living a zen like existence.

Thursday, 10 May 2007

Venting my spleen

Last night I arranged with some friends to go to The Black Sheep Bar for Comedy Camp. I was feeling a bit knackered but was looking forward to sitting back and relaxing for a laugh and a few beevies.

Anyway, after a nice meal and a chat in Wagamamas we headed down there only to be turned away at the door. Apparently, it is now members only and as we didn't walk around with our passports we weren't allowed in. Now, the Black Sheep bar is pretty much Croydon's only gay space at the moment, although it is fairly mixed on the Wednesday's in question, and normally fairly quiet. Definitely not the kind of night you can afford to turn people away from. And I feel sorry for the cabaret act who may have to play to an empty room. Anyway, I have emailed them and had my rant so shall desist here.

Instead we went to the Green Dragon and listened to some good folk music by somebody Longfellow and then to our favourite local for a final drink. It was a good night but not what we had planned.

I fell asleep trying to watch another episode of 24 before I went to bed.

Well, its aqua aerobics tonight. After months of inertia my friends are I are trying a different pool in the hope that the instructor is less useless. Am not feeling energetic at all!

Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Number one

Well, having finally bitten the bullet I suddenly feel a bit word-shy. I nearly typed work-shy in instead there. A bit of a Freudian slip, its been one of those days. After a weekend of pagan Morris dancer worshiping getting back in the office was not really a fun thing to do.

What did make it worth getting up though was the fact that I am well into my new book - The Royal Assassin. I do get confused with it sometimes though as the lead character has a tendency not to stay in his own mind all of the time.

Another good thing today was the eating of the Curry Sauce Co's Dhansak sauce. I bought it on Sunday at a farmers market and it has gone down a treat. Not quite as spicy as I expected though so I added a good dollop of chilli pickle.

Also been watching the Charmed DVD I treated myself too to celebrate 1 month of not smoking. I am on season 5 now and its great to watch them all again. I always spend half the episode trying to decide which one of them it is that I have the crush on. All three! I'm also watching season 3 of 24 at the moment but I keep falling asleep. Not reflection on the programme I'm sure. Am I the only one who finds 'Kim' mildy irritating!