Tuesday, 1 June 2010

We've Got a Fuzzbox and We're Going to Use it

Two things I learnt from seeing Fuzzbox last week:

(a) they are still a little bit rubbish
(b) I still fancy the little lesbian one (Although I wasn't sure she - or I - was in those days)

It was a really fun blast from the past. They seemed to much prefer - hurrah - singing their older punkier songs than the hits that made them famous International Rescue and Pink Sunshine.

Vix and Jo hadn't changed one bit but Maggie, bless her, looked like she was trying a bit too hard, and had stuck her finger in a plug socket.

We had a great night. and whilst I'm not convinced their comeback single - pop musik - is going to catapult them back into the spotlight. I would definitely see them again and would advice anyone else to do so.

1 comment:

Emchi said...

Wow... that totally brought back a blast from the past. Didn't they get sued by ABBA for pinching the music from SOS for International Rescue?

Damn, I remember playing both REALLY loud as a teenager.