Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Cultural girl about town

I've been pottering about like a little pottery thing lately and have been enjoying multiple visits to galleries, films and a random one day course on the Green Man. It must be Spring!

I went to see Alice in Wonderland, and it was all right. I think my expectations were so low by the time I went to see it that I took it all quite well. I wasn't very impressed with Alice, she seemed to suck all the joy out the film. Johnny Depp to seemed to be struggling. As for the White Queens eyebrows, well there is no need for that! She looked equally as unpleasant as the Red Queen, who I did like. Most of my love in this film goes to the animals, I liked the cat, the dog and the frogs! Don't bother though, really.

I then went to see a Guy Maddin double bill: Careful and the Saddest Music in the World, mental and marvellous are the only words I can find to describe these. Incest in the Alps and beer bathing singing contests are some more. Go and see them. I want to see My Winnipeg now.

Finally at the weekend I went to the Simon Anand exhibition at the V&A of photos taken before actors go on stage. It was wonderful and full of famous faces having a fag, putting on lippy, looking whimsical in grease paint. This was followed by Henry Moore at the Tate Britain. Who would've thought he was such a good artist. His war and mining pictures were amazing. It was really good to see a lot of his earlier and more random work. Shame you couldn't touch them though. I gave the one outside the Tate a big hug afterwards.

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