Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Debbie Harry gorgeous

A bit of buggery on a Sunday afternoon is not everyone's cup of tea but I went to see the exceptionally well executed play "Rip her to Shreds" at the Old Red Lion Theatre last week (http://www.icarustheatre.co.uk/shows/rip.html)

In the first few minutes - there weren't many people there, and the initial acting was a little shaky - I was a bit worried but once it settled down it was funny, sad and endearing all at the same time. It was a bit over the top in places but all in all I really enjoyed it and the brilliant support roles played by the mother, father and brother helped. It was made all the better by having a lovely meal in Cubre Libre afterwards and a full and frank discussion on the practicalities of the sex scene!

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